Super cub 110 JA07 ~engine oil change~

English edition


Engine oil is …

Replace after driving 3000km (1864 miles).


Replace it after running for half a year.




If you neglect this, you will quickly become unwell.

Even just changing the oil at the bare minimum can significantly extend the life of your car!




Let’s check the oil.


Before changing the engine oil, check the oil.



Remove the oil level gauge.


Twist and turn and pull out.


1 Remove the oil level gauge.

2 Wipe off any oil that may be attached.

3 Insert without screwing.

4 Carefully remove it and check the oil level.


When measuring oil level, do not screw in the gauge!!



It is normal if there is oil on the tip of the tip.



If there’s no oil, it’s too little.

If the oil is past the shaded area, it’s too much.


Above image↑(No oil on tip)
Please be careful as the oil level is below the standard.


Structurally, the oil does not decrease, CUB loses oil quickly.

If you run with low oil, the engine will seize!!

Check the oil frequently and replenish it immediately if it is low!!


Prepare an oil waste disposal box.


Before draining the oil, prepare a waste oil disposal box.

Do not just let it drip out.







The amount of oil when replacing the Super Cub JA07 is 0.8 liters.

You need a box with more than that capacity.



Please be careful not to use a box with a small capacity as it will overflow.




Drain the oil.


When the oil waste box is ready, remove the oil.


Remove the drain bolt where the oil is.


Use a 17mm wrench.




Loosen the drain bolt slightly with a wrench.


After setting the oil waste oil box under it, slowly turn the drain bolt with your finger.

Once the drain bolt is removed, oil will come out.


While the oil is coming out, wipe off any oil stains from the drain bolt.


The drain bolt is equipped with a drain washer.

(Above image ↑Copper colored parts)

Drain washers should basically be replaced every time.

However, the bike runs even if you forget to replace it.



The size is M12


I use a cheap 10-piece set and have not noticed any problems.



Attach the drain bolt replaced with the new washer to the body and tighten.


Let’s add new oil




Add oil from where you removed the level gauge.


The oil is Honda’s 4-stroke oil.



When the input port is narrow, I use a funnel with a wide mouth.

In the case of the Super Cub, the slot is so wide that it seems like it will fit in even if you don’t use it.



The amount of oil when replacing the Super Cub JA07 is 0.8 liters.

It would be better to measure it with a measuring cup before adding it, but it’s a hassle, so I add it directly without measuring.



After filling about 7/10 (0.7 liters) of a 1 liter can, check it with a level gauge.



There is no oil in the shaded areas, so add a little more.


About 0.1 liters left?

From here on, let’s take a look and see how things go.





Even if you prepare 0.8 liters in a measuring cup, be sure to check it with a level gauge as you add it!



Do not add too much!!

If you add too much oil, the engine will no longer be airtight, resulting in a loss of power.

Also, the oil may overflow and spray onto the air filter, which is dangerous!




Once the oil is filled, tighten the level gauge and let the engine idle for about 5 minutes.

This will spread the oil into the engine, causing the oil level gauge to drop a little.



If it is below the diagonal line, inject a little more.

If there is oil on the slanted line, it’s OK!


Tighten the oil level gauge.





~Japanese edition~