Super Cub 110 JA07 ~Air filter (air cleaner) replacement~

English edition



I would like to replace the air cleaner as part of a regular inspection every 20,000km.

It can be easily replaced with just a screwdriver, so be sure to replace it regularly.


The Super Cub instruction manual also recommends replacing the oil every 20,000km.




The instruction manual is located on this page.





Purchase air filter


Purchase an air filter.




super cub JA07

Genuine model number:17210-KWV-000







Air filter removal


Let’s replace it by following the steps written in the above manual!



Remove the parts around the air filter


The air cleaner is located here (behind the front tire)



・There are 5 Phillips screws, so remove them.



If you shake the tire as much as possible from side to side, you will be able to insert the screwdriver straight into it.
It’s easier to do this if you have a short screwdriver.



remove air filter


After removing the screw

・Pop off the air filter.



I got it.


This is what the inside looks like


・Replace the filter part inside.



air filter replacement


Dirt level



Left: Used (40,000 km)
Right: New


I forgot to change it at 20,000km, so it’s pretty dirty.

It will run even if it is dirty, but if it cannot take in clean air, it will lead to engine deterioration, so it is better to replace it properly.



Assembling removed parts


・Insert the new filter into the cover.

・Reassemble by reversing the removed steps.

(I will omit it as it is not a very difficult step)


Fasten all screws.




easy maintenance


Maintenance is listed in the manual, so I’ll leave it there for now.