Super cub 110 JA07 ~Bar end (handle end) replacement~


Replace the bar end of the Super Cub.



Purchased bar end.


I found a cool bar end and couldn’t resist buying it.


There is a Phillips screw inserted into the main body.
Turn this screw and remove it.
I think it would be a good idea to insert a new one.


Bar ends also come in different sizes, so if possible, check the size before purchasing.



Remove existing bar end.


Try turning the screw.



let’s remove the bar end that was originally attached.










the screw is so tight that I can’t remove it!






The base was spinning, so I pressed it with my hand, but it wouldn’t rotate at all.



Spraying lubricant doesn’t work either.






I tried searching online.
「The bar ends of the Super Cub are hard!」



Consider the structure.



Apparently, it’s not fixed to the bar with screws.


There is a rubber between the base of the bar end and the nut.
By tightening the nut
The rubber swells (bulges inside the bar)
fixed to the bar
(Because of the rubber, the nut will not spin freely.)


It seems like this is how it works.




The rubber is cut with a cutter to match the length of the screw.




You might be able to get it out if you forcefully pull it out.



I try to pull it by force.


When I tried pulling on it, it seemed to come loose.


I’ll try spraying some lubricant on it.

Considering the structure, spraying lubricant on the screws didn’t work either.

Maybe this is the right place to spray it.



I’m tired of pulling it, so I put a screwdriver on it and hit it with a hammer.




I got it! ! !



Newly installed


The shape was different from what I expected.


For now, I tried plugging it into the bar.

It’s loose.


It will slip right off.



The diameters (of the cylinders) are about the same, so I think the logic is correct.

Insert the bar end inside and try turning the screw.



Is useless.
The nut gets stuck inside the rubber and the rubber does not expand




Do I need a washer?



It will inflate nicely.





Success this time!
The bar end is firmly fixed.
It won’t come off even if you pull it, and it doesn’t seem like it will fall off while driving.


If you insert the right bar end too deeply, the rubber of the accelerator grip will interfere and make it difficult to move.
It is better to leave a little space instead of inserting it all the way in.




Install this on the left and right.
Done! !


After finishing the work


Bar end parts


I later found out that the bar end I originally purchased did not fit.



Parts required for installation.

・Bar end (including center bolt)

↑I will buy the rubber later.


When purchasing a bar end, it is more convenient to purchase one that includes the necessary parts listed above (one set).

If it is not included in the set, please purchase it separately.






Original specifications?



Is it originally the mechanism where the screw turns here↓? ? ?


If that’s the case, maybe you can fix it with the bolts that come with the bar end without using rubber? ? ?


Of course・・・

It was hard and I couldn’t remove it.