Super cub 110 JA07 ~chain adjustment~

English edition


There is a rattling noise coming from around the chain.

Especially when I slow down, I hear a rattling noise.


Let’s check around the chain.



Chain peephole


The chain is covered so you can’t see it.



But if you take this, you can see it.



When I fiddled with it with a screwdriver, the chain was still loose.


Chain adjustment required.



Remove the parts around the chain.


Remove the cover to make it easier to adjust the chain.


You can adjust the chain through the adjustment window without removing the cover.

I removed the cover to see the overall structure and check for any defects.




Take the hexagonal screw.
Remove the cover.




When you open it up, you’ll notice that the rattling sound is the sound of the chain hitting the area below.


You can see that the chain has hit it and turned black.
When accelerating, the chain is pulled so it doesn’t hit this cover, but when you decelerate, the chain loosens, so I think it moves up and down and hits this cover.



Chain adjustment.


This is the chain pull.

This will adjust the chain slack.



1・Turn (tighten) the nut
2・The chain pull contracts and the tire shaft moves rearward.
3・The chain stretches.



Let’s try!!



Loosen the nut.



First, loosen the tire shaft screw.(The red circle in the image above is the shaft.)


You don’t have to remove it completely, just loosen it slightly.



Left side of tire (bolt part)「14mm hexagon」
Right side of tire (nut part)「19mm hexagon」





Loosen the chain pull nut with a wrench.
It has a double nut specification of an adjustment nut and a lock nut.



Outside (lock nut) 10㎜
Inside (adjustment nut) 12㎜


There is also one on the right side of the tire, so loosen that too.



Tighten the adjustment nut (chain adjustment)


Now let’s start adjusting the chain.


Tighten the inner adjustment nut to take up the slack in the chain.


According to the Super Cub’s manual, the slack in the chain is 15-20mm vertically.”




The vertical and vertical slack of the chain is measured at the bottom of the chain.


Be careful not to over tension the chain! 



Tighten the nut on the right side


Once the chain is adjusted, tighten the nut on the right chain puller to the same extent as on the left.


If you tighten only one side, the tire shaft will be slanted and the tire will no longer be in a straight position.



Comes with memory.

It does not pull the chain according to this memory.

Using this as a guide, position the left and right in the same position.


After aligning the memory, tighten the lock nut.





Tighten the loosened screws.


Let’s tighten the tire shaft screw.

Unlike when loosening, turning one will also turn the other, so two tools are required.



Left side: 11mm hexagon
Right side: 19mm hexagon



Chain cleaning.


Before tightening the chain lid, wipe off any dust or dirty oil from the chain.



It is safe to spray chain lubricant on it.




Assembling the removed parts.


Finally, tighten the chain lid and you’re done!


Chain adjustment time.


I think it depends on how you ride, but in my case I feel like my car starts to rattle between 1000 and 1500km.


Lately, the chain has become more and more ”stretched to one side” before it reaches its full length.


~What is unilateral extension?~


「A phenomenon in which the chain stretches partially.」


Chains do not stretch evenly, and if there are areas that have deteriorated due to rust or worn pins, the chain will start to stretch from that area.


If this happens, there is a risk of putting stress on the sprocket or causing it to come off while running.


If you look at the chain and see a distorted part, if you feel something getting caught when you turn the tire (when you turn the chain), or if you hear a clicking sound at a certain rhythm while running, There is a possibility of one side stretching.




To prevent this, it is important to perform frequent cleaning, spraying lubricant, and adjusting the tension.


Even if you maintain it properly, it will stretch a little on one side, but once it stretches on one side, it will never recover!

If one side is badly stretched, replace it as soon as possible before damage occurs to other parts.


However, it is troublesome to make frequent adjustments.


The bike shop said,

”You can start making noise and then make adjustments.”





Then, when the memory is full and you can’t draw anymore, replace the chain.

Or, “If it starts to stretch on one side, replace the chain.”


Also, in my personal opinion, I feel that the reinforced chain lasts longer (requires fewer adjustments) than the regular chain.