Super cub 110 JA07 ~Battery exchange~

English edition


Cells no longer hang! !

The engine starts as soon as you press the kick pedal.



Since the mileage has already exceeded 40,000km, I think the battery has deteriorated.



I would like to replace the battery.




~Kick is just a backup~

Just because the engine starts with kick, it’s not a good idea to use it all the time.
It would be faster to simply replace the battery.



Purchase battery.


Batteries purchased online can be hit or miss! !

It is better to use genuine products rather than thirdparty products even if they are expensive.

However, since I drive a certain distance every day and plan to replace it if it breaks down, I chose a cheap one.





If you leave it for a long time or don’t drive very far, it won’t charge properly and the battery will deteriorate faster.






The battery has arrived, so let’s replace it right away.



Although the battery is new, it is shipped fully charged.

However, please check to see if it will be sent fully charged before purchasing!



Removal of peripheral parts


Since I have a center carrier attached, I first remove this before replacing the battery.




It is now back to its initial state.




Remove the Phillips screw here ↓(circled in red).



Open state.

Remove the battery cover.

It is held in place with two Phillips screws (red circles above).



At this point, the negative terminal is tangled, so you can’t completely remove it yet.




How to remove the battery


Let’s remove the battery.


When removing the battery terminals
Remove from negative terminal
Then remove the positive terminal



The cover can be removed by removing the negative terminal.


Next, remove the positive terminal.

Now you can remove the battery.



I got it.

The original model number seems to be “GETZ-7S”.



Install a new battery


Now let’s install the new item.


“+” and “-” are engraved on the main body, so be sure to set them correctly.




Screws etc. are included.

Let’s use a new one.




When you put it on, it’s the opposite of when you take it off.
Attach the positive terminal first.
Next, attach the negative terminal.




Pass the cover through before attaching the negative terminal.



If you have attached the terminals, start the engine before closing the lid!



It worked in one shot! !


There seems to be no problem, so close the lid.


Install the removed parts


Tighten the battery cover screw.

Close the foot lid.

Done! !




Disposal of used batteries


In Japan, used batteries cannot be disposed of as household garbage!


Anyway, I took it to a nearby bike shop.
They collected it for free! !



I think battery collection depends on the store, so please contact the store in advance.