“Climbing Mt. Fuji from the foot” written by a Japanese person~Day 2~

English edition





Day 2



4:30 Getting up


Sunrise is around 5:10, so prepare for it.

Lake Yamanaka is the white area slightly lower right in the center.

It was getting brighter and the sun was coming out from behind the clouds.



You can enjoy the fantastic scenery forever.

「Looking down on the clouds floating above Lake Yamanaka」





I have a little nausea, and is it mild altitude sickness?


Lack of sleep because you can’t sleep in a mountain hut?


・Do you want to retire here this time?

・Would you like to go as far as you can?


You can get off at any time, so let’s leave for the time being!



The summit is still cloudy


After walking for a while and seeing the wonderful scenery, I felt that my physical condition was getting better!


Maybe starting walking and taking deep breaths made it better?

Breathing becomes shallow when you sleep, so it seems that you get altitude sickness there.


Anyway, don’t overdo it!

If not, come back next year.





The sea of clouds is amazing!


It’s cold on the mountain, so the battery drains fast.





6:30 8th Station/Taishikan




Looking up, the road to the top of the mountain is far higher.



When you reach this altitude, you can meet strange shaped clouds.





7:40 8th Station/Hakuunso


As expected, the climbing speed has slowed down.


Take three steps forward, take a breather, and repeat.

Quite painful





If you move forward even slowly, you should reach the top someday!


Exactly life!


When mountain climbing is hard

「Take three steps forward, take a breather, and repeat.

This is effective.

Just repeat it and you’ll be climbing before you know it.




Quite climbed!

(Compared to the beginning of the climb) Just a little more!



8:35 Mount Fuji Hotel



・The scenery is beautiful!
・Next time, let’s make a proper plan.
・No more coming!
Conflict in my heart.


↓The flat area on the top is the summit (bowl)

Knowing your goal gives you peace of mind





9:10 8.5th Station/Goraikokan



While exchanging greetings with other climbers, being pulled out one by one, It’s getting a little fun!!


10:00 9th Station


When I suddenly looked up, everyone was doing their best to climb.



It’s just a little bit more to come here! !



Do you know that there is a torii head?

If you can see the torii, it’s a little sign!!


Passing through this is almost the goal! !

(Because it is a bowl of Mt. Fuji, it means that the rest is flat to some extent.)


A few more zigzags and you’re on your way to the goal! !



Torii I saw earlier.




11:00 Mt.Fuji Summit Okumiya


YES! Summit!!!


Although, This is around the crater at the summit of Mt.Fuji (In other words, the part that hits the edge of the bowl).

From now on, I will aim for the highest point on the mountaintop.


From here, there is no hard difference in height.

There are a lot of people and there are mountain huts, so it’s kind of fun.

At the post office here, you can send letters until around Obon.



When you look at the sea of clouds spreading out below you, you feel like you’re walking on clouds.




Head to Kengamine, the highest point on Mt. Fuji .



With the last of my strength, I climbed the steep slope in front of the Fuji Observatory.



12:00 Mount Fuji summit




Conquering the summit of Mt. Fuji!!



I can’t see anything because I’m in the clouds.


Since I came all the way here, I will go around the crater.

About an hour.



12:50 Descent trail


Let’s go home.



Be careful not to take the wrong exit!

If you get off the wrong road, it’s hard to get back.


Mt.Fuji is divided into “climbing trails” and “descending trails” to some extent.

Don’t panic just because it’s different from the way you climbed.


When you come to a fork, look at the navigation and make sure you don’t make a mistake.





The view cleared up as we descended.


13:40 Subashiri Junction



Turn left to Yosida Trailhead


Go to Yoshida Exit (left) instead of Subashiri Exit (right)!


It takes a long time to climb, but the descent is fast!

It feels good because you can see the scenery with plenty of time.


Let’s come again!


15:20 6th station Junction



Go to Yoshidaguchi instead of the Subaru line! !



There is more・・・





We will go back to the 5th, 4th, and 3rd stations and go back to the nostalgic scenery.



The second station has passed, just a little more!






The way back from the first station is difficult.



Walk 8 km for 2 hours.

The sun has set and it’s getting dark, so I’m going to walk on the general road instead of the forest road.



Dive under the highway and a little more…



It was already pitch dark.



Somehow I arrived in the dark.




19:15 Sengen Shrine

Total, about 37 hours … tired

for now

Thank you for coming home safely!


I wanted to eat Fujiyoshida Udon, but the shop was already closed at this time.







OK, let’s come again! !




Japanese edition