bike tire replacement ~Make your tire logo stand out with tire markers!~

English edition




Pitch black tires have no taste.


I would like to make the logo stand out with a tire marker (tire pen).



marker purchase


Purchase tire marker (white)





In addition to white markers, there are also red and yellow markers.




trace the logo


First time


Paint the new tire logo (both sides).


If it sticks out, rub it with your fingers and it will come off.

The finish is a little rough, but I don’t think you can tell from a distance, so don’t worry about it!

I feel like the color is a little thin, so I need to recoat it.




Second time


I put out a lot of marker liquid and apply it, but when I apply it, the liquid runs off.


Lay the tire on its side and apply the paint while keeping it from running off to get a thicker paint.


It’s not a very beautiful finish, but I think it looks good.


This completes it!




10,000 km later


I compared a tire that had just been painted with a tire that had been driven 10,000 km since painting.



Back: Just painted

Front: After running 10,000 km



I feel like I don’t have to apply it too carefully because the color will fade anyway.


The color fading is more pronounced on the rear than on the front.

The image above is the rear tire.





・Remove dirt and coating from the area you want to paint with parts cleaner
・Paint with markers (paint several times),
・Coating with tire protective coating agent

I wish I could do this, but it’s a bit troublesome.


I feel like I don’t have to go that far, as long as I get a decent finish.

I think it is also possible to paint with markers, even if they are not specially made.