“Climbing Mt. Fuji from the foot” written by a Japanese person~First day~

English edition


I have climbed Mount Fuji several times.

This time, I followed the traditional climbing method of Mt.Fuji.

Climbing from the foot of Fujiyoshidaguchi!



First day



11:45 Sengen Shrine



It is “Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Shrine” located a few minutes on foot from Mt.Fuji Station.


Lightly pray for a safe trip and off you go!

After passing through the parking lot on the right side of the main shrine, the mountain trail will appear after a while.


Behind the main hall, Created by Hidari Jingoro “Ebisu” and “Daikokuten” there is.




11:55 mountain trail entrance


climb on!!


Here’s what the route looks like




Go straight through the forest road




13:00 Naka no Chaya



1 hour so far


Present value:現在値

Point of departure:出発地


It looks like this on the actual map
We still have a long way to go…


Continue on the forest road



14:16 Umagaeshi


In the old days, people used to come here by horse, but the road becomes steep, so they return the horse here.



There was navigation to the top of the mountain.


(to the summit)











What time?




I saw the torii gate.

After passing through the forest road, you will feel like entering the mountain from here.




14:35 first station



It’s finally the first time.

About 2 hours so far…


Let’s keep moving forward



15:15 second station



I will continue climbing the mountain road


About halfway in distance from the foot of the mountain to the summit

But the time is wrong



15:45 third station







16:15 4th Station




a little cloudy

Plunge into the clouds hanging over Mt. Fuji!



17:10 Fifth Station/Sato Hut




Here, instead of heading straight to the top of the mountain,
I will head to the Subaru Line 5th Station and take a short break there.



Of course, you can also go straight to the top of the mountain.


After a while, the Fuji Subaru line came into view.

Normally, you can come here by bus.

If it is a general Yoshida route, it will start from here.



17:45 Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station






It’s fun to have a souvenir shop!
If you turn around, Mt. Fuji!


If you look down, you can see a sea of clouds!


Dinner at the free rest area
If you climb normally, is it 6 or 7 hours from here to the summit?



19:45 Subaru Line 5th Station Departure



slightly chilly


The sun is starting to set, so turn on your headlights!
Enough energy!
But I’m a little tired…

I will never fully recover


The reality of walking in a different place than usual at night raises the tension!

Let’s go to the top of the mountain! !


A little hot to walk…



20:20 sixth station


The entrance fee of 1000 yen is collected here


The guide told us about the condition of the summit.


“It seems that the top of the mountain is covered with an umbrella,

You can’t see the sunrise from the top of the mountain.”


“From now on, the summit will be at 2 o’clock.

It might be just right to go slowly

I think it would be good to climb up and get down a little before the sunrise

The wind is strong and it might be difficult to go around the bowls.”






This area is the limit of plant life

It’s dark and I don’t know anything

Trees and grass grow thickly below this point, while no vegetation grows above this point.


“Fujiyoshida City” below

“Mountain hut lights” are scattered on the surface of the mountain



I’m glad I came.


I’m a little behind the season
There are few people climbing at night, and sometimes I will be alone in the dark.


It’s raining, so I’m wearing a raincoat


21:30 Hana hut



I’m getting tired



21:50 7th Station/Sunrise Hall



22:50 Torii-so

it’s raining hard
what are you doing I ask myself


23:22 Toyokan

It’s just too hard to go any further
I will stay here today.
You can also see the sunrise in front of the mountain hut


I was able to stay without a reservation because it was vacant!

Room without meals 6500 yen



In the past, I forced myself to climb and had a hard time, so recently I started staying at a mountain hut.


Don’t overdo it








Japanese edition