Super cub 110 JA07 ~Installing the drink holder~

English edition


I’m going to add a drink holder so I can keep my drinks there.






A drink holder that attaches to the handlebar that I used before.



Since it is not a Cub Pro, the handlebar is inside the cowl.
So I can’t put it there…








Can it be attached to a convenience store hook?




I would like to install it using the mounting hardware.



I think you can adjust the length of the mounting hardware to your liking.


For reference, the size of the mounting bracket in the image is




I used some spare nuts and such.



I attached the stay to the drink holder.


Since the center carrier is attached, there is more space available.


I inserted a few extra washers.





The gap has been filled.





Will the drink holder tilt due to the weight of the plastic bottle?
That’s what I thought, but I was surprisingly okay with it.



When I ride it, it may start to lean over gradually.
All you have to do is retighten the loose screws.