Super cub 110 JA07 ~40,000 km regular maintenance~

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Super cub too

I’ve driven 40,000km, so I’d like to do regular maintenance.



As a result, we will be replacing consumables.



R tire (tube/rim band)


Last time, I replaced the rear tire at 30,000km.

Replaced after driving approximately 10,000 km.

At that time, the tube and rim band were not replaced.
This time I will exchange it.


Since these are made of rubber, they naturally deteriorate over time.

I would like to replace it at least once a year.










Last time I replaced it at 20,000km.

I would like to replace it along with the chain replacement.








The chain pull memory is still there, but it’s a little loose, so I’ll replace it this time.

Last time I replaced it at 30,000km.


This time I will use a reinforcement chain.

Instead of exchanging based on distance, I will try using it with the intention of “exchanging when the chain pull memory is full.”
I wish I could drive about 15,000km.






brake shoe


There is some memory left in the brake shoe, but it’s pretty limited.


Replaced after 40,000km from new car.

At my current pace, my next trip will be 80,000km.

It may not run that far, but with such calculations in mind, I decided to replace it this time.






hub damper


I don’t know how bad it has deteriorated, but since it’s made of rubber, I think it’s a good idea to replace it periodically.

Replace at the same time as rear tire replacement.








Actually, I forgot to change it at 20,000km.
Of course, it is possible to run if it has not deteriorated severely, but it is better to replace it periodically.






air filter


Actually, I forgot to change this at 20,000km.

Of course, it is possible to run if it is not clogged, but it is better to replace it regularly.


Genuine part number:17210-KWV-000








Since it is a regular maintenance, I also put in Fuel One.









After maintenance


After replacing the parts, things were much better.

The sound of the sprocket spinning is booming!

From the engine to the sprocket, chain, and tires.
You can see that it is spinning comfortably.


I can’t say that the bike itself is like new, but after replacing so many parts, only the suspension is new!

After all, regular maintenance is important.



I forgot to buy it this time, but since it is a consumable item, I will buy it later.