Super cub 110 JA07 ~How to remove the muffler.~

English edition



Super Cub muffler

Let’s take it off!




It’s not that difficult to do.

You may also need to remove the muffler, so be sure to check it here!



Most scooter mufflers are made the same way, so it’s useful to remember them.



Remove the muffler.


Remove the nut.


There are two nuts at the base of the muffler.
12mm hexagon x 2

Remove this.


↓Viewed from the front



First, let’s remove this nut!
The nut in the middle of the muffler is still attached, so it won’t suddenly fall off.


The nut that supports the muffler (around the middle of the muffler)
19mm hexagon (the bolt is 17mm)



If you remove this nut, the muffler will fall off.
While supporting the muffler with your hands, slowly remove the nut!



Remove the muffler.


It gets stuck on the brakes and steps and is difficult to remove, but I manage to get it off.




Installing the muffler.


Basically, there is no problem if you do the reverse of the removed steps.


Pass the muffler between the brakes and steps.

Insert the tip firmly into the hole in the car body.


Note:This is an image with the nut already attached


Once it fits perfectly, hold the muffler with your hand and temporarily secure the 19mm hexagon in the center.


You won’t fall off with this.


Is that the washer that is plastic at the tip of the muffler? Pass it through the two bolts protruding from the car body.


Temporarily fasten two 12mm hexagons.



If there are no problems so far, let’s finalize everything.







Since the Super Cub has a high ride height and a light muffler, I think it is relatively easy to remove compared to other general scooters.