Super cub 110 JA07 ~Headlight visor(Piyo Piyo Visor) installed~

English edition

I would like to add a visor to the headlight.



It is commonly known as Piyo Piyo Visor.



Purchased a headlight visor.


Kitaco headlight visor 40mm



It’s 40mm, so it’s short.
I don’t think it’s going to be a big accent, just a slight accent.


The long one is 70mm.
It is best to attach it according to your preference.


The size is

「Compatible with φ130 headlights」


Even if it doesn’t fit in size, I think it will fit if you bend it.



Remove the headlight.


Let’s put it on right away!


First, remove the headlight.
Fixing screw (left and right)・・・Phillips screw
Screw to adjust the light up and down・・・Pinch and turn with pliers


It came off.



Visor attached


If you look at the visor, there is a protrusion that catches it.


Point the light downward (leaving the top open) and hang it there.






Headlight assembly.


Attach the screws you removed.






It ended up feeling like a little accent!



Test drive.


It’s just hooked on, so it wobbles when you touch it, but it doesn’t seem like it will come off.


It won’t come off though…
While running, it sometimes shifts and makes a rattling sound.


I’m concerned about this, so I now use double-sided tape to secure it at the base.



It’s too late now

First, please refer to the installation instructions for each product.