Super cub 110 JA07 ~sidestandspring~

English edition



The spring on the side stand has come off.



It probably came off while running and fell off.



For now, I’ll secure it with a cable tie so it doesn’t get plastic.



Purchase spring.


I thought about changing the entire side stand, but springs for the side stand were not available for sale.





The width when stored (driving condition) was 11.5cm.



I purchased the 10.5cm one.


This seems to be the standard length of the side stand spring.



Spring installation


I attached it by pulling it by hand.


However, when I raised and lowered the side stand, it came off.



For now, I tried tightening it up with a zip tie.


This is OK!



Test drive


If you lean the vehicle slightly when turning left, the side stand will hit the ground.


It looks like they are installed in the wrong direction.








It’s still a little loose, so I’ll tighten it with a zip tie.

Two places just in case.




This is OK! !