Super cub 110 JA07 ~speedometer cable replacement~

English edition


The speedometer has stopped working!



I think the speedometer cable may have broken.




It is illegal to ride with the speedometer not working! !



I would like to replace the speedometer cable.



First, if you want to determine the cause,

Try disconnecting the cable from the tire and pulling the wire.

If it is cut, you can easily remove the wire.




Purchase speedometer cable


Purchasing cables




I don’t know if it’s genuine, but it’s an applicable product for now.


Model number:44830-KWV-003







Not just any Cub speedometer cable will work.
Even for Cubs, the length and shape of the cable differs depending on the car model.
Buy one that will fit properly.



The tip on the tire side of JA07 will look like this.


Even though it is the same Super Cub, the JA10 has a different cable tip.

If so, it cannot be installed, so please check carefully before purchasing!


↑This does not come with JA07



Removing broken wires


Let’s replace it right away.


Open the headlights.


First, to check the connection with the meter.
Open the headlights.


Remove the left and right screws to remove the headlight.






This part where the screw was stuck is easy to remove.
Let’s not lose it.

It will take some time, but it is safe to tighten the screws you removed here.




Remove the cable on the meter side


When you open it, you can see the connection between the meter and the cable.



Loosen the visible nut ↑ (where the cable is inserted) using pliers.



If it seems difficult to do at this point
You need to remove the upper cover that covers the handle part.

If you want to remove it, remove the 3 screws shown below x 6 total on the left and right sides.





Remove the cable from the tire


Let’s also remove the cable on the tire side.

As you can see from the image above of the end of the cable, the end is only fixed with a claw.

Use a flathead screwdriver to press the claw and remove it.



Remove the front cover


I’ll take the code.
Remove the middle part of the leg shield to make it easier to work with.
Remove one screw and snap it off with your nail.




It looks like this when you take it.

The wires are completely visible.



Pull out the wire.


When you pull the wires smoothly,

you will notice that the cables are bundled with iron pins,

so they cannot be pulled out as they are.

Use pliers to spread it out and remove it.






Comparison with new product


I got the cable.

Top: Used
Bottom: New



It looks like the cable was broken after all.



New installation


Assemble the new one by reversing the steps you took when you removed it.


It’s not that difficult, so I’ll omit the steps.


Don’t forget to lightly tighten the unfolded iron pin.

I think it would be better if the cord could move up and down even when the pin is tightened.
If the cord is tied incorrectly, there is a risk that tension will be applied to the wire inside and it will break easily.



At this point, try swinging the steering wheel left and right.
Can you swing the cord without getting caught?
If you tighten the iron pin too much, won’t the cord become fixed and slow down?
Is the meter angle correct?

If the cord is fixed in an odd way, the meter will be pushed and at an odd angle.



After attaching the cover etc.



Test drive.


Let’s take a test drive to see if the speedometer works properly.



After taking a test drive,
The speedometer was working

The fuel gauge and lights didn’t work!



Perhaps you touched the cord when disconnecting it from the meter and caused a bad connection.

I opened the headlight again and inserted the cord properly.
It moved!





The working time this time is approximately 20 minutes.
If I take it to a bike shop, they will charge a certain amount of labor.
It’s a fairly easy task, so I think it’s a good idea to try it yourself.