Super cub 110 JA07 ~Center stand replaced~

English edition


The center stand broke and tore into pieces…




If you look closely, it looks like it was already broken at this time.




It has a side stand, so you may not need a center stand.

That’s what I thought, but it was necessary when doing maintenance such as changing tires.


Purchase center stand


Center stands are also available online!




There’s no model number written on it, so I don’t know if it will fit properly.
Is it the same for all Super Cubs?


When I searched on Yahoo Auctions, I found a center stand for the same model (JA07), so I purchased that one.

If the car model is the same, installation should be possible.



Remove existing parts.


I would like to replace the center stand!



Check how it is attached


Check to see what form it is in originally.

It seems like something will work out.



Remove the muffler.


First, remove the muffler that gets in the way.







Remove the center stand.


Remove the center stand.


There is a pin on the shaft (on the left side of the car body), so remove it.




Once it’s removed, hit it with a hammer and push it to the right.


There is a washer where the shaft was inserted, so be careful not to lose it.



When it pops out a little to the right, pull it out.


I managed to get out.



Once it comes out, remove the spring and you can remove the center stand.



Genuine products and purchased products



Left: Genuine product attached to the car body
Right: Center stand of purchased item (JA07)



The shaft part doesn’t change much, so it seems like it will fit.


Installing the center stand.



Let’s put it on!
This is the opposite process of removing it.


Just attach the center stand spring, align the holes, and hit the shaft with a hammer!


Actually, this is quite difficult!


The holes don’t line up easily! ! !



The hole will inevitably shift due to the tension of the center stand spring.

You have to lift it up just as much as the power of the spring to match it! ! !


Put the shaft out a little in the center
Hook the stand hole there.
It worked out pretty well if I pushed hard.



Finally penetrated!

Attach the washer and pin.


I’ll check to see if it will stand up.

It feels good.



Attach a muffler.


done! !



After work



Up until now, even when the center stand was up, the tires would touch the ground, but now (maybe because the tips were scraped or bent?) the tires no longer touch the ground.